Sunday, December 30, 2012

aren't we supposed to be sisters?

New day, new entry. I guess married life is always full of surprises. When I first got married (and I’m sure all of you feel the same way) I expected friendlier in laws (oh we’ll leave those for another entry for sure, FOR SURE). There is something I don’t understand, I mean if you have a married brother in law you might get it. Unless you were the first daughter in law, then you’d be on the other side of this entry! (which I hope NOT). Okay, here’s this thing; after my honeymoon, I got to meet my brother in law’s wife and FYI she’s the first daughter in law. Okay jealous sisters in law.. I understand that, I kinda sort of do! Okay I stole their brother bla bla bla whatever! But the brother in law’s wife.. why on earth would you just feel so threatened by the existence of a brother in law’s wife? I mean really.. WHY?! It’s not like I stole your husband or anything! So anyway, my brother in law’s wife is sweet. We never tried to get along because we live too different lives and we have totally nothing in common, but I guess we’re both way too formal with each other. I mean, it never occurred to me why she’s never there when I’m there. I just assumed she’s busy with her family, her mother, her sisters and she probably have her own schedule or “routine”. Of course I noticed her trying to push her sister in my husband’s way. E.g. we were at my in laws’ and she calls her sister to tell her that my husband was there. Her sister comes in and all of her attention was projected on my husband. Most of the time (and this was no different) I don’t pay attention to stuff like that, only because I’m above that.  Then one day, my sister in laws tells me that my brother in law’s wife got into an argument with everybody because I’m paying more attention to my sisters in law and not to her. From my pervious entry you would conclude that I either have a social problem with other female figures in my life, or I simply don’t understand what goes in the mind of others. Well.. I think I have both problems. When I first got married she tried provoking me by paying way too much attention to my husband only to get me jealous and mad. I admit that I was really mad, because of how rude she was. I just never showed it. I have a friend (who is the muse behind this blog by the way) who has an almost identical problem with her brother in law’s wife. What is it with brother in laws’ wives? If you’re married and have the same problem or at least understand it, can you please comment on this entry and help me understand the concept behind the jealousy here? I mean seriously! What do they want? What’s that thing we’re depriving them from? I know we’re not stealing their husbands or anything and I admit I’m not my in laws favorite (not that I care!) but she is! So, shouldn’t I be the jealous one here? I know my single brothers in law will eventually get married and I wish them all the luck in the world. You know what’s ironic? I found out lately that she was expecting my husband to marry her sister. Well apparently it didn’t happen! And her sister married a guy she has been in love with for years! So isn’t this a win win situation? She’s happy for her sister, but not for her brother in law. Can anyone please figure this out with me? Unsolved the riddle? Find an answer to the mystery? At least we might be able to figure out how people think. So do me a favor, if you’re in my shoes lets all figure it out. If you’re on the other side of this situation, please try to love everyone around you. Jealousy is a very very unhealthy thing. Cleanse yourself from the inside. Take a deep breath. Inhale deeply and exhale as all negativity leaves your being. Celebrate with me, because life is a satire.

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