Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Marriage is not as picture perfect as many girls would think it is. It’s all about the dress, the wedding, the bouquet and the photographer isn’t it? Well let me tell you, it totally isn’t. Men are like horses (yeah I know, great picture). Well, they’re like horses, yes they are. They get scared of you so they either bite, refuse listening to you or trying to break you. In horse language they throw you off. So we will never understand them, they’ll never understand us.  First concept, anniversaries, we married women-and I’m no different!- expect our husbands to remember our birthdays, their birthdays, anniversaries, Eids, new year, valentines and every day in the world where we just expect gifts, flowers, chocolates and whatever it is we just want. I’m not sure if it’s us being all complicated and hormonal while men being practical.  Or men being robotic and have no emotions. As a woman, I’ll just talk about it from my own point of view. So anyway, back to anniversaries. My fourth anniversary was a couple of days ago. In the last couple of years I expected roses, a gift or at least dinner and I have gotten nothing because obviously he forgot (surprise, surprise). Of course being the drama queen that I am, you can easily guess the tears, the drama and all the “I’ll never celebrate my marriage to you ever again”. So I decided not to care (okay I admit I was expecting something.. anything) So, people started asking me about my plans.. MY plans. Why would I have plans? Shouldn’t it be OUR plan? HIM spoiling me? Making ME plans? Well I’m not really sure what should be done, but I just wanted something right? Just like that meme about women and what they want and when they want them. Yeah, I was like that. So a friend asked me about what I’m planning to do and I told her I’m not doing anything because I’m not in for disappointment. And she gave me words of wisdom. She said anonymous, expect an F, so when you get a D you celebrate. I expected a B last year and I got an F- (yes there is no F-, I know and I don’t care). This year I expected an F and acted accordingly. Guess what? He surprised me with a dinner invitation. I got a C, which ended as a win win situation isn’t it? Bottom line is, ladies don’t except an A. Marriage is sadly isn’t exclusively about us and our happiness. We make our happiness and celebrate it. So celebrate with me, because life is a satire.

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