Friday, February 8, 2013

engagements, marriages and babies are top secret missions in the lochal lairs

What’s cooking in the chambers of every lochal house? Oh yes I haven’t uploaded an entry in a long time. Shut up and read (and I mean it in a very friendly loving way). It’s funny how lochal households work. Everyone is in everybody’s business. Everybody knows who’s moving out, who had their driving license, who’s building a house.. etc. etc. then marriage and engagement comes in the picture and eeeeeeeeeeeverybody just keeps it all secretive and hidden. So where does this fit in the picture? Friday is a family gathering day, I’m sure it happens in every Emirati house (my parents house is no exception). My mother in law is always up my ass asking about why my married sister isn’t pregnant with her third child yet, which is weird considering the fact that I didn’t know about my sister in law’s pregnancy until she gave birth to her eighth child (or seventh, I don’t know I lost count I’m sorry.. when you have 5 sisters in law you simply lose count). Hiding such information doesn’t offend me or make me feel jealous. Seriously why would I? but when it comes to the fact that they hide such information and expect me to give away similar info.. okay I get confused.. thirty minutes ago his highness has sent me a bbm message telling me about his sister’s melcha.. She’s been engaged for five months and I politely tried to avoid asking about when she’s getting formally engaged because I believe things like this are strictly personal. And I’m in no situation to ask about such stuff. But when your mother in law asks about such stuff when it comes to your family you expect it to be okay.. then her own daughter has her melch and you as a daughter in law are excluded from the knowledge.. well I’m confused.. if they have the right to except my sister to pop a kid every year then.. why are they all hushed about it. Are news of marriage and babies that shameful?? I know prophet mohammed has said “اقضوا حوائجكم بالكتمان” but not radically LOL! Anyway I wish my sister in law all the best. All of you brides to be, enjoy it to the max and may God grant you all the happiness in the world. Celebrate with me, because life is a satire

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